Agents’ Choice: Best Headset, Phone and Antivirus Software

April 22, 2021 | Business Management | Home Technology
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Choosing the best tech for your home business can feel daunting, especially when there are so many options! In fact, “What headset, phone, monitor, etc. should I buy for my home office?” is one of our top questions from new agents.

We went straight to the experts to find the answers – the Liveops Nation agent community! We asked for recommendations on the best headset, phone, and antivirus software. After digging through all the responses, we picked out the top selections for each category.

Please note, Liveops is not endorsing or requiring these products, we are only passing along information provided by fellow agents.


Best of Headset

This category had a clear winner, Logitech! Almost 300 agents voted for a variety of Logitech headsets. The most frequent were H570e, H650e, H390, and more. Agents love that they are sturdy, reliable, noise-canceling, and have great sound quality.

The cushion is great on the ears for comfort. It's lightweight. The sound is clear and it lets you control the volume. It also has a noise cancelling microphone.

The runner-ups, Plantronics and Mpow, are loved for their comfort, dependability, and clear sound. It’s clear agents love noise-canceling headphones, regardless of brand.

Best of Phone

This topic sparked the age-old battle of iPhone versus Android and I can officially report that the iPhone wins amongst the agents who responded to this survey…but barely!

I get all the features I love without the price tag. Large touchscreen, quality graphics, awesome camera, loads of apps, great processor speed, long lasting battery, phone itself lasts a long time and they have great customer service.

The majority of respondents use their cell phones to take calls, but we wanted to capture your favorite landline options as well.

Agents love that AGPtek phones are small, affordable, user-friendly, and have a large keypad. There was also a large fan club for AT&T phones, including ML17928, 993, and CL2940. Agents love the practical features, easy-to-see display, and many agents have used them for 5+ years without issue.

Best of Antivirus Software

This was a tight category! McAfee and Norton were almost a tie but by far the most popular amongst agents. They appreciate the price (there is a free option also), ease of install, usability, and the option to schedule checks and provide detailed reports.

Norton 360 with LifeLock helps keep your digital life safer. With device security, a VPN for online privacy, and identity theft protection, all-in-one.

Windows Defender was another popular option that appears to be built into some Windows computers. Agents love that they do not need to download another software, it is free with a computer purchase, and offers daily virus checks.

There you have it, agent favorites for headset, phone, and antivirus software! Don’t forget to always review tech requirements for a program before purchasing any new technology.

Check out Issue #2 where we cover Agents' favorite laptops, desktops, and monitors.

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Leandra Naranjo

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