Best Remote Jobs for Social Distancing

April 22, 2020 | Business Management
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Looking for a job to social distance? Remote jobs are available!

Social distancing is the “new normal” these days. Many people are looking for ways to minimize their personal interaction - from limiting dinner parties to working at home.  If you are in the market for a new career opportunity during this hard time, or you're looking for a remote job, the good news is that there are many virtual opportunities available.

To maximize the efficiency of your work-at-home position, here are a few tips and standard requirements for remote jobs:

  • Make your remote workspace a dedicated, quiet place that is free of distractions. 
  • Many positions require high-speed internet and phone access
  • Basic computer skills are helpful when working from home. If you feel you need a refresher, many free courses may help. 
  • Brush up on your soft skills - you may be surprised how they translate across careers.

These are popular social distancing opportunities: 

Customer Care

Traditional brick-and-mortar contact centers are the opposite of social distancing. Many agents are scrunched into small spaces in brick and mortar centers. With today’s technology, that doesn’t need to be the case. Virtual contact center agents can adequately care for customer needs from any location, as long as their home office meets the technical requirements. 

People interested in this opportunity should have strong communication skills, basic computer knowledge, and high-speed internet. 


From retail to insurance, many sales positions can be done remotely. When is the last time you bought an auto insurance policy in an office?

Depending on the level of sales position, you will likely need outbound/ inbound sales experience. Some sales opportunities also require specific certifications. For example, insurance sales may require a license in a specified state.  


Recruiters and enrollment agents don’t need to reside in a physical office. Since they communicate with candidates across the country, they can work remotely as well. Another common remote opportunity is virtual tutoring. 

Working in the education industry has a variety of requirements, depending on your specialty. Tutors need to have a level of experience in the subject they are tutoring. 

Graphic and web design

Graphic design and web management are perfect options for digital nomads. The majority of work is completed from your computer - the location is your choice!  

To effectively work remotely in this industry, you’ll need a variety of software and technology tools that allow for visual collaboration. Consider having at least two large monitors in your home office so you can easily see the details on your projects. 


Bookkeeping, payroll, and other finance positions are often available for remote positions. Typically this opportunity requires strong skills and experience in accounting software, spreadsheets, and databases. 

Admin and data

Transcription and data entry have been frequent work-at-home opportunities. However, many higher-level positions are becoming popular in the telecommuting world. 

Successful administration professionals are incredibly organized and have superior project management skills.

Writing and editing 

Creative writers are perfect candidates for remote working. Creativity stems from many different sources - it could be a favorite coffee shop or on the back porch. For writers and editors that flourish in quiet areas, working at home is a good option. 

Remote jobs are necessary in these unprecedented times, and it will likely be more prominent in the future. Many people desire the flexibility that working from home provides - whether it is catering to the needs of parents and caretakers, or it aligns with your hobby schedule. 


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