Calling all crazy stories: True customer service calls

April 1, 2018 | A Day in the Life of a Liveops Agent
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Wacky tales from our agents that prove there’s never a dull day at Liveops

In the spirit of April Fool’s day, I asked Liveops agents to tell me the story of their wackiest call. While these calls aren’t typical, all customer service and sales agents do have to deal with the occasional unusual, confused or even intoxicated caller.

These calls can be frustrating in the moment but make for some hilarious stories later on. I admire the poise and professionalism our agents showed even when customers went way, way off script.

Many agents admitted to connecting with callers who were doing something … erm … private while on the phone, or callers who asked agents inappropriate personal questions.

There were customers falling asleep on the line and callers who were ordering something to be delivered—but refused to give out their address! An agent named Mark remembered a caller who started the call cursing at him, but by the end told him he was an angel sent from heaven—cursed and then blessed. Here are some of the funniest stories we heard:

Celebrity confusion

“Last year, when I was taking calls for donations for Hurricane Harvey, this lady called in to make a donation. When she heard my voice, she screamed and announced to her family that she had just got celebrity Whoopi Goldberg on the telephone. I really felt bad when I admitted to her that I was not Whoopi. I did not lead her on, or pretend to be Whoopi, but it sure was hilarious to me.” —Zetta

[epq-quote align="align-center"]When she heard my voice, she screamed and announced to her family that she had just got celebrity Whoopi Goldberg on the telephone. [/epq-quote]

“I was on a call with an older caller and she wanted to speak with Alex Trebek. I explained he was the spokesperson for the product and not actually here. She said, ‘Yes he is, I see him on my TV right now walking around the contact center.’ Nothing I said could convince her!” —Missie

“More than once while taking ministry calls I got the same woman who asked me for the phone number for Boys 2 Men. She said every time they were her favorite and I had to make it possible for her to meet them. When I told her I did not have their phone number she would try to give me her number to pass along.” —Michelle

Weird product questions

Had a customer call for a prepaid card and when we were at the end, he asked me how much money we put on the card. I advised him that we do not put money on the card and he said cancel it if you’re not putting money on it.” —Christobel

“I had a caller ask me while ordering an induction cooktop if she could cook lizards in the pan. I thought I heard her wrong so I asked, ‘Did you say lizards? The little ones that run around on the ground?’ She said yes, and she was serious, so I went along with it and I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’ I will never forget that conversation. I could not not stop laughing after that call.” —Patty

Family drama

“I had someone tell me that her mother threw a rock at her and drove off. This situation caused her to fall and sprain her ankle, and she wanted her mom's car insurance to pay for her doctor bills.” —Kelly

“I had a guy call to see if we could help him find his stolen car before his husband came home. He went on a date with some guy he met online and the guy left something in the car and asked to use the keys. He then stole the car.” —Heather

Who’s selling who?

“Can't remember if I had the husband or wife, but they were tag teaming, and the spouse had another agent on the phone at the same time, seeing who could get the better deal. I have no idea how or why, but I got the sale, and the other agent did not. I went into the forums to brag, and come to find out, it was another Liveops agent on that other line, who did not get the sale.” —Sally

“The customer wanted me to say hello to her dog, so I did, and continued with the call. Each question I asked her, she asked the dog, and expected me to talk to the dog also. I obliged, and she purchased the product and all the upsells.” —Lillian

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Rachel Goldschmid

Rachel Goldschmid works in agent engagement at Liveops. She is passionate about fostering community within the Liveops Nation both online and in person.