Liveops Agent Spotlight: Maria, a stay-at-home parent

July 5, 2022 | A Day in the Life of a Liveops Agent | Why Liveops - Agent stories

liveops agent maria Afternoon bike rides, knitting lessons and DIY volcanoes are just a few of the activities that keep Maria busy as a stay-at-home parent. A flexible schedule with Liveops allows her to balance this important time with her kids and her professional goals. 

Maria had been a teacher for eleven years, the last seven years teaching art to high school students. When she was pregnant with her second child, Maria decided to shift gears so she wouldn’t need to find a daycare solution after six weeks of maternity leave. She hung up her hat as a high school art teacher and began searching for an opportunity she could do from home. 

Maria was attracted to the flexibility Liveops offered, and began providing services for a tax support client. The ability to commit her time in 30-minute increments allowed Maria to find balance in her schedule so she could care for her new infant and young daughter. 

Maria’s daughters are now four and seven years old. As a stay-at-home parent, her days are full of activities with her youngest daughter, while she manages her oldest daughter’s school schedule. Since 2017, she has perfected the art of aligning their schedules to her schedule with Liveops. 

“The flexibility of scheduling half-hour commits makes it very manageable to schedule breaks throughout the day so my schedule aligns with my daughters' schedules,” said Maria. 

“I stay very organized and plan my week around the times I need to get snacks, or lunch ready, and work in breaks to spend time with them. I do most of my scheduling in the morning when my oldest daughter is in school, and my youngest is busy with activities. My kids always come first, and a flexible schedule is a life-saver.” 

For other stay-at-home parents considering a remote opportunity, Maria recommends that you think about your kids’ schedules first. 

“Avoiding burnout is super applicable for parents because we do a lot of multitasking. Go with your children’s schedule and their needs.  Work more when they are at school, or taking a nap. Try to schedule when you know your kids are busy with activities, and won’t be hungry or need snacks. Play around with it until it works for you and your family.” 


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