Liveops Agent Spotlight: Veronica, 2022 Agent’s Choice Award Winner

February 20, 2023 | Why Liveops - Agent stories
Veronica Liveops Agent Awards

Veronica’s pandemic story is unfortunately all too common. For 10 years, she successfully owned and operated her own business in her home state of Indiana. But in the wake of shut-downs, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing, the short-term future of Veronica’s enterprise looked uncertain.

One thing Veronica was certain about was that, after 10 years of independence, she knew she wanted to continue being her own boss.

“I felt like I was living under a rock, not knowing about Liveops sooner,” Veronica said of her search for opportunities as an independent contractor. But almost as soon as she started her journey with Liveops, she decided to fully commit to the experience. “I was game for all types of opportunities.”

Veronica currently provides services for a retail program she has personally been a customer of for more than 20 years. Her inherent brand affinity and steadfast commitment to this program, paired with her natural helpful demeanor have proven successful for Veronica. In December 2022, she received the Liveops Community Agent’s Choice Award, an honor bestowed to her by her peers within the Liveops agent community.

Helping people is in Veronica’s DNA. Rather than dwelling on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected both her personal and professional life, Veronica recognized the universal challenges that so many of her peers were facing and decided that she would dedicate her time to improving the lives of others.

“Because the pandemic took away the opportunity for in-person volunteer work, I needed to find a new venue for giving back. I believe that even doing something small for someone else can have the power to change their life.” Although, if you ask members of the Liveops community if Veronica is only known for the “small things,” they would likely disagree.

Within Liveops Nation and the Liveops Slack channels, Veronica is famous not only for her near-constant presence—“People think I’m online from 8:00 a.m. to midnight every day”—but also for being the person who will always answer your questions and offer words of wisdom and guidance when needed.

“You never know what is happening in someone’s life. But if they’re here partnering with Liveops, it’s because they need a source of income. So, I feel that if that person just has someone in their life to say, ‘I know this can be hard, but we’re getting through this together. You’ve got this,’ then that person will feel more empowered to keep pushing and become the best version of themselves.”

Even with her reputation within the Liveops community, Veronica was still surprised when she learned she was named the Agent’s Choice for the agent of the year. “Me? Seriously? Are you sure you have the right Veronica?”

After the initial shock wore off, Veronica felt deeply flattered and overjoyed that she has been able to make an impact within the community. She believes, from the bottom of her heart that when you do things for others, just out of the nature of giving, the goodness that you spread in the world will eventually come back around.

The Liveops community hasn’t only recognized Veronica for her boundless compassion and empathy. As an independent business owner with years of experience, her perspectives on productivity, investment, and operating as a self-starter strongly resonates with her fellow business owners.

“This is what I like to remind other agents of sometimes: when you run a business, and you have to go through the whole process of operating this business, you have to understand what it takes. You can’t just roll out of bed and hope things will happen. You have to invest.”

Looking forward, Veronica remains eager to share her thoughts with members of the Liveops community and help provide them with the tools needed to run their businesses effectively.

“This is what I’ve been saying in the Slack channels. No business can open, or stay open without investment. And I don’t just mean funds. Investment also means time, dedication, and a willingness to learn whatever it is you need to learn to get the job done. If I only get one quote, that’s what I want it to be.”


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