Customer care agent shares her secrets to performing at an elite level

May 24, 2019 | Why Liveops - Agent stories
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Exceptional customer care is just one of Teresita’s amazing talents

She’s also a business owner, social worker, graduate student and more

If you’ve ever felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day, you need to meet Teresita Johnson. A true entrepreneurial spirit, Teresita is able to accomplish more in one day than most of us can in a week or month. And no, she isn’t multitasking or “lifehacking”—in fact, that may be her secret.

When Teresita Johnson is not delivering customer service with Liveops, she’s highly driven in pursuit of other serious efforts.

Five days a week, she does a shift with Liveops from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Afterward, Teresita spends two hours on schoolwork before going to bed around midnight. She’s up by 5:30 a.m., out the door to by 6:50 a.m. and 40 minutes later is at her desk ready to begin her day as a social worker focused on helping people escape human trafficking. On the weekends, she makes time for three to five hours of Liveops each day.

She also has an online business selling shea butter moisturizer she developed years ago. In her capacity with another company she owns, Teresita provides medical and legal translation services. During the last hours of the day, you’ll find her completing coursework toward a master’s degree in management.

And it’s not like she’s doing all this in a vacuum. She also has a 16-year-old daughter, in addition to two older children, grandchildren and a husband.

Liveops Teresita Johnson celebrates graduation with her family

“It’s a challenging balancing act but completely doable,” Teresita said.

Teresita brings great skills to her job as a virtual contact center agent with Liveops

Her education and professional experience in social work have taught her how to engage with people, the importance of having compassion and showing your empathy, as well as how to actively listen. “Sometimes callers just want to vent as part of the process while you solve their issue. I know not to take it personally and ultimately, the customer is always right,” she said.

A retailer she supports as a Liveops agent recognized her as its ‘agent of the month’ recently because she hit all the benchmarks for high-quality service.

Those particular benchmarks are highly tuned to be customer-centric, Teresita said. “I really believe in putting the customer at the center of all that you do, so most of the metrics are what you would be doing anyway to provide great service,” she said.

Teresita has three key tactics for being highly productive in more than one professional endeavor:

  1. Blocking out time. Teresita said dedication to using a calendar is a key to her success. She blocks time so she can see what’s needed to accomplish all her tasks and priorities. “I’m a huge planner and I schedule everything, planning out my weeks in advance. I use an app, Cozi, and my family uses it also so we can keep track of where everyone is and what they’re doing,” she said.
  2. Taking self-care seriously. Teresita says this is super important in her ability to focus and stay energized: “I do meditation, I always make sure I get enough sleep. When I start to feel stressed and overwhelmed, I go walk for at least 30 minutes to clear my head.”
  3. Screen time. She said she doesn’t watch TV and that her social media use usually is limited to promoting her shea butters. Even then, she’s usually walking on a treadmill.

Because of tactics like those, along with an innate drive and dedication, Teresita doesn’t struggle to stay motivated with Liveops. She says she’s she pleased to be earning additional spending money. “I also actually really enjoy what I do with Liveops. And, honestly, it doesn’t feel like work.”

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