How do you start a home business? Don’t give up.

February 1, 2018 | Business Management
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Use the resources Liveops offers to help your home business succeed.

By Staci, an independent agent in Kentucky
(with special thanks to Leslie and Tracy)

I was super nervous when I first started taking calls as an independent agent with Liveops. I was very intimidated by the callers, and wondered how I was going to get enough hours to earn a living. I wanted to give up.

[epq-quote align="align-right"]Liveops staff are very nice and want to help your business succeed.[/epq-quote]Instead, I attended the optional conference calls Liveops offers. The Liveops staff on these calls are very knowledgeable, and will answer your questions and show you step by step where to find the information you need. You can also listen to other agents' questions to add to your knowledge.

After one conference call, I asked the woman from Liveops to stay on the line so I could talk to her personally. She made me feel very comfortable as I told her my insecurities over taking calls. She was very encouraging and reassured me that I would do better as I gained experience and practiced what I learned from the product information pages.

I appreciated her extra time with me and could tell she believed in my skillset and ability. I invite anyone who thinks they are alone please take a chance and ask for help. Liveops staff are very nice and want to help your business succeed.

Don't give up! After my first 90 days, things were much better. My contract was renewed after six months, and I’ve added more lines to my business. Now I see a lot of hours to choose from when the schedule rolls out.

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Staci is a Liveops agent in Kentucky who joined the Liveops Nation so that she could balance work and caring for her father.