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April 12, 2022 | Why Liveops - Agent stories


Liveops Agent Spotlight: Alanna, a military spouse who takes community and opportunity on the go

alanna liveops agent military spouse I can hear Alanna’s smile through the phone as we chat. She has the friendly tone and patience you hope to hear on the other line when you call customer service. She is humble when I congratulate her on being a recent Agent of the Month, an honor bestowed upon Liveops agents who have been recognized by their program team.

Alanna found Liveops at a critical time. She had recently moved to Tennessee with her husband, who is on active duty with the National Guard. It’s often hard for military spouses to take their jobs with them as they move around the country. In the middle of the pandemic, Alanna was facing the same challenge.

“I used to work as a school counselor,” says Alanna. “Military families move a lot and it can be difficult at times trying to find employment when relocating to a new duty station. When we last moved, finding a position in the school system was tough.”

Alanna took this opportunity to explore opportunities outside of traditional work. In search of something that would better align with her lifestyle, she found Liveops. Alanna began providing services with a retail client as an independent contractor and quickly learned how flexible work fits into her life. 

“The flexibility and the opportunity to be my own boss really attracted me to Liveops. After I started as an agent, I told myself, ‘This is the life.’ I can travel with my husband, and visit my family when I want. Being a home business owner with Liveops has been one of the best decisions I have made.” 

Being her own boss was new to Alanna, and as most new things are, it was daunting in the beginning. Fortunately, she found the Liveops Nation Agent community an excellent resource. Liveops Nation is a virtual community of fellow business owners, who share experiences and tips with one another.

“​​When I first started as an agent, I didn’t always feel as confident as I am now,” Alanna reflects. “With the help of the agent community, who shared tips for success, I was able to build the confidence I needed to carry me forward.”

Alanna continues to pursue her career in telehealth while continuing to develop her business.

“While I am looking into starting work again as a school counselor, I can’t imagine leaving my position as an independent contractor with Liveops any time soon.”


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