Liveops Agent Spotlight: Craig, who defines “right time”

March 7, 2022 | Why Liveops - Agent stories
Craig liveops virtual agent, working right time

On a sunny Florida afternoon following a round of golf, Craig spent a few moments with us chatting about his Liveops experience and how he approaches his work-life balance. A self-employed independent contractor (1099) with Liveops since 2020, Craig joined Liveops after leaving a corporate sales position, and currently provides services for a global athletic retail client.

Liveops offers Craig the flexibility to create his own schedule around his hobbies, and commit to provide services depending on his monthly needs.

“That's the most beautiful thing. Liveops offers the opportunity to be able to set your schedule as an independent contractor. I love the freedom element. I can choose to take off Friday, or  just do the afternoon so I have an open morning, if I want to do the gym or if I want to go play some golf.”

Liveops agents have the autonomy to choose when – and how often – they provide services for Liveops clients. This model isn’t “full-time” or “part-time,” it’s “Right-Time” and varies by each agent depending on their individual needs and work-life balance.

For Craig, "Right-Time" often means working 40 hours a week. But this isn’t your typical 40-hour work week. Craig selects which days he provides services, and which hours. If he wants to pick up a game of golf before talking calls, he can schedule his commits in the afternoon. If he prefers to go to his Jiu Jitsu class afterwards, he may have an earlier morning start. This scheduling model also allows Craig time to travel with his family, arranging his commits around vacations.

A key component to Craig’s desire for flexibility is the opportunity to take a break when he needs one. In a traditional workplace, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to take an unscheduled day off from work if he was feeling the burnout. With Liveops, Craig can work this balance into his schedule, and he knows his limits.

“If you’re ever in a position where you feel your energy is lower, or you need a break, you have the opportunity to do that. When you go back to your shift, you are much more refreshed and your outlook is much better and it’s better for the consumer too.”




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