Tips to set up your home office for success

December 13, 2021 | Business Management | Home Technology

Your Home Office

As an Independent Agent providing services to Liveops and its clients, you control where, when, and how you provide virtual teleservices, in accordance with the terms you agreed to in your independent contractor agreement. 

Being productive at home takes planning, preparation, and self-motivation. Get started on the right foot with a collection of tips to help you set up your home office and stay motivated while working from home.

Learn more about the basic agent eligibility requirements here.  Keep in mind specific programs and client campaigns may have specific additional requirements.

Getting Started - Create a dedicated work space   

It is helpful to assign a pleasant, relaxing, and efficient space for your home office, where you can maximize productivity. Design a space that will keep you focused and motivated. 

  • Location, location, location. Where you choose to set up your home office is crucial. Cut down distractions with a private, quiet space with a door to give you extra privacy during work hours. Do whatever you can to minimize distractions. That barking dog or neighbor mowing his lawn may not bother you too much, but those noises can be very distracting to others and can even be considered unprofessional when you’re on the phone.
  • Ergonomic furniture. You don’t need an extravagant setup for your office, but you should choose furniture that is functional and comfortable. 
    • Does your desk accommodate multiple monitors, if needed? 
    • Do you prefer a standing desk, or an option to stand? 
    • Don’t skimp on the chair! The spectrum of office chairs offers many options, so focus on the components that are most important to you: lumbar support, armrests, comfortable seats, swivels, etc. 
  • Add some personality. Add your personal style to your workspace (as long as it doesn’t create distractions!). A small plant, a family photo, an inspirational quote, Feng Shui elements, or a personalized mousepad can liven up your space. 
  • Find the right equipment. Be sure your home office technology is ready and efficient. Please note, programs may have different technical requirements, so be sure to check in with your team. Read about technology that Liveops Nation recommends: 


Remote business-building tips

Now that you have mastered your home office setup, optimize your virtual opportunity with tips from the experts! 

  • Eliminate distractions during your business hours and create boundaries for yourself and other members of your household. One agent has a light outside her home office. When the light is on, it means she is handling customer calls and her household knows not to disturb her. 
  • Set expectations and goals for you and your business.
  • Set a schedule and be sure to include breaks into your day! Change your scenery and go outside to grab some fresh air, or stand up and stretch. It allows you to re-focus when you sit back down at your desk. 
  • Connect with your Liveops Nation community! So many agents were in the exact place you are right now. Lean on them for tips and advice to build your business. 
  • Focus on your health and wellness. Remote working can be isolating, make your health and wellness a priority. 
    • Take time to stand up, stretch and walk during the day. 
    • Eat healthy snacks and meals
    • Go outside! A bit of fresh air makes a big difference 
    • Connect, connect, connect!! Use your resources in Liveops Nation. Lean on the community and be a resource to other agents. 

Congratulations on being a part of Liveops Nation! 



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