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February 22, 2018 | Why Liveops - Agent stories

A little flexibility makes a big difference for agents

People come to work as Liveops agents because they need a little more flexibility in their schedule or they want the freedom of being their own boss. They stay for the paycheck. And a surprising number were referred by friends and family who give Liveops positive reviews.

Liveops review: She did her research and found Liveops at the top of the list

When Niurvi wanted to make a career change, she started out by learning which companies have the highest workplace ratings. She discovered Liveops on and soon became a Liveops agent.[epq-quote align="align-center"]The people that I've seen working with Liveops are really professional, helpful, and really skilled.[/epq-quote]

Her experience with Liveops is living up to her expectations. Work-life balance is key for Niurvi, who has a nine-year-old son.

“To me, I'll tell you, it is priceless, because now I literally schedule my work around my son's activity, around my home. I love it and now I feel more at peace,” Niurivi said.


In addition, because she doesn’t have to commute to an office, she has more time.

“Since I've been working with Liveops, I take my son to school, before he used to (take the school bus). I pick him up from school, as well, which is a precious time. I love it because now he's telling me all about his day and what he did, what he learned, or if he got in trouble.”

Niurvi has worked in traditional, brick-and-mortar contact centers and is impressed with the Liveops agents she’s gotten to know. “The people that I've seen working with Liveops are really professional, helpful, and really skilled.”

Liveops review: From skeptic to agent

Joan found out about Liveops one day at the grocery store. “I came across my neighbor at the supermarket, and she was telling me that she was no longer doing real estate and that she was working from home. And I rolled my eyes, and I was like ‘yeah, well, you and everyone else wants to work at home.’”

Joan took notes on a box of cereal and when she got home applied with Liveops. The rest is history—she’s been with Liveops for four years, loves it, and her son is now on his way to becoming a Liveops agent.[epq-quote align="align-center"]If you like to sell, we have the opportunity for you. If you like to help people, there are also options for that. [/epq-quote]

“Don't be afraid, do it. If you like to sell, we have the opportunity for you. If you like to help people, there are also options for that. There's different types of opportunities [with] Liveops. And just do it, don't be afraid, don't be shy,” Joan said.

Liveops review: The income is there to be made

LaMoya is 26 years old, newly married with an eight-month-old baby. “Having the flexibility to work from home and work around his schedule is perfect for me,” said LaMoya, who’s also in school working toward a business degree.

Previously, LaMoya worked in an office as an administrative assistant and as an account coordinator. But when her baby arrived, she needed a way to earn an income without sending him to daycare. “Now I make just the same or even more than I was making when I was out in corporate. It's not like I'm at home and making less.”

She tells new agents, “Get to know your products. That's very important, especially on the inbound sales account. The more you know, the better it is for you, the more comfortable you'll feel on the phones, and it will just work out best for you that way because you're not nervous and you're not just reading a script.”

Her advise to people considering work from home customer service work? “Just do it, because you won't regret it. The income is there to be made.”

Liveops review: He would recommend this for anybody

Chris, who used to work as a physician recruiter, recently became disabled by back problems. Liveops lets him continue doing what he loves—speaking with people—but now with the comforts of home, over the telephone.


“I usually try to [self-schedule]about 60 to 70 [half-hour blocks] a week at Liveops," Chris said. "I'm working seven days a week because I just enjoy [it] so much. I would recommend this for anybody, especially those who want freedom and flexibility. It's a tremendous opportunity and I hope I can be here for a long time.”

Liveops review: She wouldn’t trade this for a 9-5 job

Lourdes is an artist who provides services through Liveops five or six hours a day, five days a week, from a corner of her art studio. She previously worked at a contact center, and says she wouldn’t trade the arrangement for a regular nine-to-five job for anything.


“Everything they tell you at the beginning—it comes true. I can pick my hours, I see my paychecks. They're just as big as they were if I was working 40 hours or more a week, but I can work around my family's schedule,” she said.

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Liveops does not guarantee independent agents or business owners will reach a specific level of income. Earning potential varies considerably based on the hours they schedule themselves to take calls, the clients to whom they provide services, the number of states and the specific state in which they are licensed, their relevant skills, as well as individual performance.

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