Stop waiting for the perfect time to be your own boss

February 8, 2018 | Business Management
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Being your own boss and working from home are achievable goals. So what's holding you back?

All too often we tell ourselves that we just need to do a few more things before we're ready to take that next step. It sounds reasonable, but how many times have you let a few weeks (or months) slip by without making any progress towards your goal?

Thousands of people Dear boss, I quit! just like you are working from home as their own boss with Liveops right now. Many of them tell us that they wish they had started sooner and all of them started with one simple step: an online application. Apply today.

If you've been waiting for the right time to apply to be your own boss and work from home with Liveops, I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you spare a few hours a day? Most independent agents can complete certification in a few weeks, depending on the certification schedule for the program they choose. We recommend setting aside 3-4 hours a day to complete the self-paced online courses and virtual classroom sessions with Liveops staff.
  • Do you have a quiet place where you can work? You don’t need a dedicated office space, but you will need a place that is free from background noise that a person could potentially hear on a call.
  • Do you have a computer with high-speed internet access, and a land-line telephone? This is really all you need to apply, although you should review the phone and computer requirements to make sure you can get an appropriate land-line phone and service in place if you are invited to become an agent.
  • Do you want to work from home or be your own boss? A strong desire to succeed in working from home and being your own boss can help you stay motivated as you build your business.

If you said yes to the above, then take a minute right now to check out the work-from-home opportunities we offer and apply today.

Once you take that first step, you’ll have the momentum to figure out the next step, and the one after that. Need more inspiration? Read stories from Liveops agents who took that first step and made working from home a success.

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Lisa Lozeau

Lisa Lozeau is a work-at-home mom with two young sons. As a marketing writer for Liveops, she specializes in communicating to agents and sharing their stories. She's passionate about flexible work—she wants other moms to know that there is work for parents who want a better work-life balance than a traditional 9-5 job provides.